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Shutter Island

With De Niro clearly a thing of the past, Martin Scorsese returns with his new muse Dicaprio in Shutter Island, a tense thriller set in 1950s America. Leo plays Teddy a top cop with a murky past and a chip … Continue reading

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The day the news died…

So it was officially the week the news died, the BBC ran a story about the Welsh family who found the image of Jesus in their Marmite, they found it very comforting apparently. I on the other hand despite being … Continue reading

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

It would be hard to talk about ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ without giving too much away but lets just say what starts off as a documentary about someone making a documentary about street art finishes somewhere entirely different than … Continue reading

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Mark Linkous R.I.P.

It is with the same heavy heart that I had at Christmas talking about the death of Vic Chestnutt that i now have to say the same about Mark Linkous. Frontman with Sparklehorse he made four amazing albums and was … Continue reading

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