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Tropic Thunder

Surrounded in controversy about whether it’s racist, Downey Jnr Blacking up, or offensive to the disabled, the over use of the word retard and much more let me say that really none of that matters because this film just isn’t … Continue reading

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Going for Gold?

So that’s its folks the 2008 Olympics in China are over and the flag is handed over to Britain. So after the huge, slightly faked opening ceremony laid on by the thousands of dancers and drummers of Beijing, how can … Continue reading

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Slipknot -All Hope Is Gone

Love them or loathe them you can’t miss them, nine masked musical warriors bringing you the loudest, darkest metal on the planet; and they’re back and bigger than before. So what can you expect from this new album? Well everything … Continue reading

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Give USA a hope.

hi readers this is just a quick one to let you all know about the ‘Give USA a hope’ website. As you know its getting ever closer to the elections for President and as we dont live there we dont … Continue reading

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When Marq met Chuck

It’s always weird meeting your heroes. I tend not to get star struck and the only time I do is when I meet someone whose talent I am in awe of, if I believe I can do what they do … Continue reading

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The Gutter Twins @ Rescue Rooms 12/08/08

With purposefully obtrusive lights the band are in almost complete darkness, through the brightness shining in our eyes we can just about make out the twins bathed in a slight purple haze. Maybe it’s because if we could see them … Continue reading

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Scars on Broadway

Scars is the brain child of System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan and is a very different beast indeed. Full of System’s trademark guitar licks it also combines pop sensibilities with vitriolic lyrics. Bursting with … Continue reading

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