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Arctic Monkeys-Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not

I haven’t got access to the net at home and don’t really listen to the radio so I kind of hadn’t heard anything by the monkeys apart from maybe ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ once or … Continue reading

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Brokeback Mountain

Hot on the heels of a shed load of awards, Brokeback is a for-runner for Oscar glory. Set in the mountains of America it is a love story of sorts between two ranch hands that lasts over twenty years. Told … Continue reading

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breakfast on pluto

Neil Jordon returns with this tale of the life of one Patrick ‘kitten’ Braden, An orphaned child growing up in Ireland. Throughout the fifties he is fostered by a local priest and struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. … Continue reading

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I’m absolutely shocked, I’m stunned, and I’m speechless. In a world that not only has history and documentation of history I can’t believe there is still racial tension like there is. I thought when Halle Berry won the Oscar she … Continue reading

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dream 16

I went to a heavily guarded supermarket with my family. Everyone needed i.d. to get in. my sister brought half a chicken covered in flour straight of the saw. My parents spent the entire trip trying to buy me some … Continue reading

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match point

I don’t think there is grey area with woody people seem to either love him or loathe him. I think he has done some excellent films I also think he’s done some bad ones. I’ve heard people say that match … Continue reading

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A c#ck and bull story

If you want a laugh I suggest you steer clear of this film. I can honestly say I almost left half way through because of boredom. It is not only an exercise in stroking the egos of the actors and … Continue reading

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Subtle is Sam Mendes style, well paced but with amazing visuals is what we’ve come to expect from the director of ‘American beauty’. Jarhead is no exception and from the opening gambit of Jake being put through his paces by … Continue reading

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Thumbsucker is the film that we nearly didn’t get to see. First time director Mike Mills had Elliot Smith on board to do the soundtrack and after he committed suicide the director shelved the project. It wasn’t until Mills saw … Continue reading

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Waiting to be born

Soon light will seep through the curtains And wash the walls of my room with its glow Soon the sleepy city will awaken to make noise Soon the day will decide what type of day it will be It will … Continue reading

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