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My Chemical Romance

A tag or a pigeonhole always makes something easier to understand. Joe public struggles with things that can’t be segmented. But what happens when a band outgrow a moniker? When did Green Day stop being a successful American punk/pop band … Continue reading

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monday monday.

I’m not a happy bunny today. Not only do I have a stinking cold but I found out that a ducks quack does echo after all blowing one of the more exciting urban myths of recent years right out of … Continue reading

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Take part in the biggest blog in history

This is what I wrote for the 1 day in history blog: I woke up needing a wee and then went back to bed, as I was tired and a little hung-over because my band ‘Hicks’ had a gig last night. … Continue reading

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The Departed

Right lets get a few things straight this is not the performance of Jack Nicholson’s career (although its good), it is not the return to form we were hoping for from Scorsese and neither Matt Damon nor Leonardo Decaprio are … Continue reading

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It’s good to talk, is it?

People talk about nothing. I know because I have to listen to them. Are people afraid of silence? From the banal conversations I overhear it would seem so. Some are funny of course, I overheard a young child say to … Continue reading

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where’s Robin?

So 8.2 million people tuned in to the BBCs new series of Robin Hood and despite claims he was from everywhere from Skegness to Portugal it looks like he will put Nottingham back on he map or at least deflect … Continue reading

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World Trade Centre

Steeped in controversy over whether it is too soon, amongst other things, comes Oliver Stone’s take on the events of September 11th 2001. Focusing on two port authority police officers who having no game plan for an event of this … Continue reading

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