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Tom McRae-King of Cards

Fans who were disappointed by the last McRae album should notice a slight return to form with this his latest offering; unfortunately it is more of the same on some of the albums fillers. But the tracks that do stand … Continue reading

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Things i have learnt this week.

That no matter which way you think a pigeon will go it will always go the other way. There is a national donut awareness week. Old men still laugh when they fart. Raw onion is just plain wrong. So are … Continue reading

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I want to sleep all day.

They say that ‘the early bird catches the worm’ well I’m not a bird nor do I want any worms. But it’s a metaphor, yeah I know, but still there’s nothing I could want that badly that would warrant me … Continue reading

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Seasick Steve @ The Rescue Rooms

Former Mojo writer Joe Cushley said “Seasick Steve is probably the greatest live bluesman on the planet” and you know he’s not wrong. Steve is the real deal. Abandoned at 14 by his parents he has spent a lifetime traveling, … Continue reading

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Black rebel motorcycle club- Baby81

When B.R.M.C. first came on to he scene with their self titled album of ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’ stoner rock they we all leather jackets, distorted guitars and killer tunes, the second album wasn’t bad either and they enjoyed success … Continue reading

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Curse of the Golden Flower

Despite coming from the same director don’t expect this to be anything like ‘Hero’ or ‘House of the flying Daggers’ there is less fighting and more story for a start. Set on the eve of the Chrysanthemum festival in China’s … Continue reading

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Low- Drums and Guns

Sonic youth, Yo la tengo, Tortoise and Low are bands that have been around for ages, never compromised and constantly strive to make challenging music. This new record from low is no exception. Just like previous outing ‘the great destroyer’ … Continue reading

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