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The Year that was 2007…

As we leave one year behind and sail effortless into the next (which I think we all hope will be better) I would just like to let you know (in no particular order) the things I loved this year, the … Continue reading

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There will be more to this post later in the form of extras.

With the release of yet another ‘Bladerunner’ and the impending arrival of all the ‘Star Wars’ films in 3D (perhaps) I got to thinking about DVDs and all these extras and definitive versions. It seems now like the makers hold … Continue reading

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My Xmas Day by Marq aged 32 and a bit.

Woke up post lunch and got sucked into crack TV straight away, Living was doing back to back episodes of Jerry Springer under the moniker ‘A Very Jerry Christmas’ nothing like watching retards belt each other to remind yourself it’s … Continue reading

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When I see someone your age I see them with your face I see you everywhere With my throat up in my mouth   Your memory becomes A ghost that haunts my daytimes A ghost that spoils my nights By … Continue reading

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Cold cold blues.

I need to become a method actor. You know like when they really research a role and become whatever it is they are portraying. I need to find the motivation of an Eskimo. I say this because just lately as … Continue reading

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In the summer of 2006 (although you’d never know being in Iceland!) local heroes Sigur Ros returned to their ‘Heima’ or homeland to put on a series of free and unusual shows. Firstly they wanted to give a gift to … Continue reading

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Tis isn’t even a word.

If it is the season of peace and goodwill to all men why do I wish everyone would fall into a hole filled with broken baubles? It’s that time of year again when it seems rather than adhere to traditional … Continue reading

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