The people who brought you the Despicable Me franchise are back with their latest movie ‘Sing’ and once again it’s great. One thing they do well is balance the humour for children and adults alike but this time they have also tapped into the zeitgeist of the public consciousness. Whether you watch or don’t watch the myriad of talent shows that flood our small screens every year you will be aware of them. This is loosely based on one of those and although they can be the most irritating here it is turned on its head by having the cast of animals sing loads of popular tunes (the rights must have cost them a fortune alone) from the punk porcupine to the lounge singer mouse to the boyband gorilla and more each has real character voiced by some rather big names (which is where I imagine the rest of the budget went).  The story is moralistic without being preachy and as you can guess is something along the lines of never give up your dreams but with a good balance of old and new songs and some of the best visual jokes this side of Storks (look out for the carwash scene) there really is something for everyone in this animated animal adventure.


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