Mark Linkous R.I.P.

It is with the same heavy heart that I had at Christmas talking about the death of Vic Chestnutt that i now have to say the same about Mark Linkous. Frontman with Sparklehorse he made four amazing albums and was working on a fifth. He also collaborated with Danger Mouse on the soon to be released ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. Aside from his own music, Linkous became a sought-after producer, and helmed works such as Nina Persson’s solo record, A Camp, and Daniel Johnston’s Fear Yourself. Linkous has been one of the most ardent supporters of Johnston. He curated and produced the 2004 album ‘The Late Great Daniel Johnston’ which started such names as Beck, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes and the track ‘Go’ by his own band Sparklehorse and The Flaming Lips. From what we know it seems that Mark took his own life yesterday and this will be yet another tragic waste. I for one will put on my favourite record ‘Good Morning Spider’ tonight and revel in the beauty and mourn the loss in equal measure. I hope he has found a happier place and realises that he will be missed.

Mark Linkous R.I.P.

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