Linky Goodness

Since moving here from Livespaces I’ve lost all my lists so I will try to start a new improved list of all things groovy on the World Wide Interbob: for photos for all film stuff for all music video fun for all funny fails you think your life’s bad new secrets every Sunday my friend Rob’s site words that make me laugh dirty cartoons the funniest place on the web great illustrations for all the best TV games fun best game reviews online amongst other things the home of Mr.Brooker includes the very funny lost cat posters funny notes not enough of this if you ask me knowledge is power found things its weird what you keep more online games all the ladies of SG the home of big Gators funny lists funny articles from the states for all you gaming needs everything reviewed by everyone for shopping the New York Times the band i’m in amazing glass maker/friend amazing glass maker/friend Nottingham based culture paper great music blog great music blog great music blog various music sessions te bible of films home of news and the I-Player officially the 41st best stand up the greatest comic ever great musician amazing band amazing band chris lilley does it again, S.Mouse is so funny the Klf are coming back amazing band


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