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‘look at that massive mini’ chav girl on my bus the other day

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fantastic four.

Does what it says on the tin; fantastic four is just that, fantastic! At last a superhero film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The writers, actors and director have realised that superheroes don’t exist, not in the sense of … Continue reading

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deer hunter (revels roulette)

Deer hunter (revels roulette) Every now and then one of my mates purchases a large bag of revels, the scene is set, Jim, Tommy, Bren and myself all sat around a small table. A bowl is placed in the centre … Continue reading

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Festival. Written by Annie griffin who is best known for her channel 4 series ‘the book group’ (I have to admit at this point that I seemed to have missed that one) and staring familiar faces from the world of … Continue reading

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The descent: I’m afraid (not of the film) but of the fact that this wasn’t even half de(s)cent. What starts as a normal low budget British horror soon turns in to a low budget British horror with American sensibilities. The … Continue reading

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the bells, the bells.

I used to live on the same street as a church and I used to go out partying every Saturday night. How are the two things related I hear you cry, well by bloody bells. Every Sunday I would be … Continue reading

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UNDERTOW. After a captivating start undertow flows along unable to decide if it’s a black comedy or a road movie thriller. I don’t think it has enough menace to be scary or tense and the humour is so subtle it’s … Continue reading

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