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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So the man in the hat is back, older than before, but still on whip cracking form 19 years after his last outing, the slap sticking-ly bad ‘Last Crusade.’ Harrison Ford once again plays Dr. Jones this time looking for … Continue reading

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Ting Tings-We Started Nothing

Hot off the back of their number one single ‘That’s not my name’ comes the album ‘We started nothing’ from the Ting Tings. Borrowing the format of the White Stripes Miss. White and Mr. De Martino are a stripped down … Continue reading

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Night Watch

He thought to himself ‘I like it here amongst the drunks, crazies and the punks’. It’s true he felt at home being that he was a liar and a cheat, a thief and generally not a very nice person. It’s … Continue reading

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Emo made me do it.

In another piece of so called journalism the Daily Mail this week yet again showed its ignorance and scaremongering tactics to blame an artistic medium for the death of a teenager. Sadly 13 year old Hannah Bond decided for what … Continue reading

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Scarlett Johansson-Anywhere I lay my head

Pop stars becoming artists, artists’ becoming actors and actors becoming pop stars, there has always been a tendency for people to try their hand at another trade and it normally ends badly, think Hasslehoff or Madonna. But some manage to … Continue reading

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Could this restore my faith in the star wars universe?

Please let this be good.

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Gemma Hayes-‘The Hollow of Morning’

Fans of Gemma Hayes debut album ‘Night on my Side’ with probably, like myself, have not been too keen on follow up ‘The Roads Don’t Love you’ with it cheerier songs and over production. Thankfully on new record ‘The Hollow … Continue reading

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