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Righteous Kill

Since the dawn of time and then since that brief scene in Heat film fans have been begging to see the two screen giants Pacino and De Niro together again in a film and now you can in ‘Righteous Kill’. … Continue reading

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I want you to see what I see I want you to read what I write When you can’t sleep I want to dream I’m awake I want to live for every hour And get through the lonely nights   … Continue reading

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Doesn’t anyone use a phone to make a call anymore?

I hardly see anyone actually using there phone as a phone. Whenever there’s an incident or happening in the news it always like ‘purple cow floats into path of oncoming plane’ and I’m thinking yeah I want to see that … Continue reading

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This debut from former artist turned director Steve McQueen will leave you breathless. In its own understated way it is epic, bold, brutal and beautiful. Telling the story of the last six weeks in the life of Bobby Sands the … Continue reading

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From the opening few tracks of Ladyhawke’s self titled debut you can tell its going to be infectious. Her catchy choruses sung in her sultry voice over her indie-electro jangle pop sticks firmly in your head long after the record … Continue reading

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We are having a competition at work to come up with a name for a beer that is being specially made for us, as we are a cinema it has to be something film related here are my ideas so … Continue reading

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Why I believe that Damien Hirst is so important.

On the eve of his first sale of work that bypasses the gallery system I decided to write a little about why I think that the enfant terrible of the art world is so important. Not since Duchamp’s urinal has … Continue reading

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