My name is Marq.

I am old enough to know better but dumb enough to not care.

I play music, write, make art, take photographs and eat way too much cheese.

I do not have the word ‘no’ in my vocabulary which is good and bad in equal measure.

2 Responses to About

  1. Lambert says:

    I enjoyed your post on depressedmoose as well as your blog. Maybe you wanna check out the Film The Exploding Girl (very quiet, sweet, real) and The Silver linings Playbook ( more Mainstream, a little predictable, but still woth watching). I like to know one thing. At the end of your post, you write about the threat that the depression meant for your life. What made you go on, what kept you busy living?

    Thanks, Lambert

    • Hello, not seen the exploding girl (will check it out thanks) but loved Silver Linings. in answer to your question I’m really not sure, I just threw myself into a lot of things, I wrote a book http://itseasytobreakdown.blogspot.co.uk/ made music, read a lot, tried to keep busy. All hard to do when you dont feel like doing anything. It was a struggle but one that I had to do, I didnt really have a choice. Marq

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