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Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Like a dirty Beach Boys ‘Honey Bunny’ opens Girls 3rd album with harmonies and surf guitars, ‘Alex’ stays in similar territory before ‘Die’ bursts through with a Black Sabbath style riff, three songs in and already we are ripping through … Continue reading

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Just press A….

Hey computer game designers, yeah you, I want a word. Why is it that in all games I play there is always a bit I get stuck on? I’m not talking about a lack of save points, swarms of overpowering … Continue reading

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Jeremy left his house for another day of wandering. He was one of those people everyone knew, not just because all he did was meander round the town centre all day, every day but mostly because of his unique look. … Continue reading

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The Guard

The poster describes ‘The Guard’ as Father Ted meets Bad Lieutenant, what because he’s Irish and a corrupt policeman, lazy journalism. It neither has the intelligence and wit of Father Ted or the balls to wall nastiness of said Lieutenant. … Continue reading

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Richmond Fontaine-The High Country

While fronting, in my opinion, one of the greatest and most underrated bands on the planet and balancing a career as a successful author it seems inevitable that at some point Willy Vlautin would combine the two, welcome to concept … Continue reading

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Origamibiro & The Joy of Box @ Nottingham Contemporary 19/8/11

Existing somewhere between the ethereal sounds of Sigur Ros and the harder edged story telling of God Speed You Black Emperor, Origamibiro make incredibly emotive music, add to that the visuals of The Joy of Box and you have a … Continue reading

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Cowboys & Aliens

Less of a review and more of a question really, how do you make a film called ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ boring? Because believe you me this film is like watching paint dry, brown paint. I think the worst thing, apart … Continue reading

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