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Panic on the streets of…

Another night at the human zoo, standing outside work on bank holiday watching the streets unfold, the crowds turning from happy revellers to blood thirsty street fighters before my eyes and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. It’s … Continue reading

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I wanna get high.

A strange memory came to me the other night, I was lighting a incense cone and I had a flashback to my childhood. It was one of those embarrassing memories you’d probably rather forget or in my case share with … Continue reading

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Bourne again.

Firmly blowing my theory that there’s never been a good trilogy as the third in any franchise is never as good as its predecessors (e.g. Godfather, Back to the Future, Matrix, Star Wars etc (and before you start I’m not … Continue reading

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Is This It?

Oh the constant cycle of life, well my life anyway. Get up go to work, work all day, go home, watch a film or some television, go to sleep then do it all again. Forget to answer important mail, struggle … Continue reading

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Sadly writer, actress and director Adrienne Shelley is not around to enjoy the success her film is receiving, she was waiting to find out if it had made the Cannes selection when she was found in an apparent suicide which … Continue reading

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Anthony Wilson 1950-2007

It’s a sad day in the music world as we learn that legendary label master, television presenter and nightclub owner Tony Wilson has passed away. He was a key player and cornerstone in the music scene that emerged in Manchester … Continue reading

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Britblog ring that i am in.

  «#Blogging Brits?»

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