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The Brothers Bloom

After the excellent yet slightly muffled ‘Brick’ Rian Johnson returns with a bit more budget and a few more stars. The brothers of the title are Bloom (Brody) and Stephen (Ruffalo) con men who put in to place the most … Continue reading

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It’s my life.

I was wondering. We all know that smoking is bad for us, right? But as with anything we do we enter into a contract knowing full well the consequences of our actions or at least we should. So when I … Continue reading

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Oh what a night….

Don’t you want more? Every night there you are shaking and grinding your belly rolls to Trev’s three lion disco with random meat heads pawing at you like a cat in front of a wildlife documentary on a battered old … Continue reading

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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Nicholas Cage is a strange actor, especially when choosing his roles, on the one hand he can be brilliant ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, ‘Wild at Heart’ but equally he can be awful ‘Knowing’, ‘The Wicker Man’ to name but a few. … Continue reading

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The National-High Violet

Every once in a while a band that you have loved for ages makes that album you know will get their music to a lot more ears and your happy for them because they deserve it. It happened to Mercury … Continue reading

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Greek film Dogtooth is strangely compelling and utterly bonkers, a mad mix of the films of Todd Solondz, the humour of Vic Reeves and the most surrealist elements of Salvador Dali mixed with an underlying sense of disturbing unease. The … Continue reading

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LCD Soundsystem-Drunk Girls

Directed by Spike Jones the excellent new video from LCD Soundsystem- Drunk Girls

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