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EVERYONE REMEMBERS RAINBOW BUT WHO REMEMBERS THIS EPISODE? Below is transcript taken from theUnseen on TV Video clip. The sketch opens with Zippy peeling a banana… Zippy: "One skin, two skin, three skin, four…. " George: "Zippy, where is Bungle?" … Continue reading

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the hoff!!

check out the hoff:,ZebgfhigcdEC&oid=UcidiCB&iclitemid=YcdhaiefbDA&tid=WicefhjDF   how funny.

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David blazye and half the reservations.

From the opening song you can’t escape the likeness that Dave shares with Adam Masterson in voice and style. Last time I saw him it was just him and Leanne who’s female vocals compliment his husky tones excellently. A trick … Continue reading

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doctors 2

Should you ever need to make an appointment with a doctor may I suggest you make one with an old wife instead? I went to the doctors this morning and the conversation went a little like this: Doc: hi what … Continue reading

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Doctors what is the problem? All I wanted to do was ring up and get an appointment for the next day. But no, apparently you can’t do that anymore if you want a doctors appointment you have to ring up … Continue reading

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the New World

Terrence Malick returns after what seems like forever since ‘the Thin red line’ with ‘The New World’. Based on the story of john smith (that’s Pocahontas Disney fans). It tells the story about when the explorers of old travelled to … Continue reading

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something on a certain day.

So here it comes another marketing exercise by those tree-hating people we call card sellers. Hot on the heels of Christmas it’s make single people feel like shit day, sorry I mean Valentines Day. Now I’ve always had issues with … Continue reading

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