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Karen to the Resuce

The morning after the rain of the night before. With dampness hanging in the air and dew clinging to grass blades for dear life. Pavements still dark from damp and puddles reflecting back the guilty sky. She would walk to … Continue reading

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The Davinci cod

Yep I spelt it right, this is a stinker. It’s a shame because, although I haven’t read the book, I like Tom Hanks, Sir Ian Mckellen and being a red blooded male I love Audrey Tautou. The main problem with … Continue reading

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why bother 7.

So here it is the modern day freak show is back. No longer do you have to go to a gypsy circus to see crab boy or bearded lady, just switch on your television any night of the week and … Continue reading

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thank the Lordi!

It is a momentous day, popular culture has come full circle in on itself, reality television couldn’t be any further away from reality if it tried and Lordi won the Eurovision song contest. Finland notorious for receiving nil points in … Continue reading

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bike for life

My best friends dad and a former boss of mine Paul Jarvis set out from John o’Groats to Land’s End on Saturday 13th May. His task is to raise awareness of the importance of giving blood. After a long struggle … Continue reading

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Twilight Singers: Powder Burns

Former Afghan Whigs front man Greg Dulli is back with fourth album from his latest band Twilight Singers. Since the last great Whigs album ‘1965’, Dulli’s output has been decidedly mixed until the self-titled Twilight Singers record arrived to little … Continue reading

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dream 19

I had a dream that a helicopter sliced my nose clean of with its rotor blades. There was no blood I just didn’t have a nose. But my lack of nose meant I lost all my confidence. Then someone suggested … Continue reading

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