Shutter Island

With De Niro clearly a thing of the past, Martin Scorsese returns with his new muse Dicaprio in Shutter Island, a tense thriller set in 1950s America. Leo plays Teddy a top cop with a murky past and a chip on each shoulder, along with his partner he is sent to the island to try and find a missing murderer who it seems has vanished into thin air. From the moment they arrive on the island its clear things aren’t right, tight lipped interns, jumpy guards, and creepy doctors, all the elements are in place as Teddy starts his investigation. The film starts well and although I’m not a massive fan of Dicaprio he does always seem to bring something to the roles he chooses and here is no exception and he is the perfect foil for Ben Kingsley’s unnerving Dr. Cawley. As the story progresses there are twists and turns although I found some of them too easy to see coming which meant that for the most part of the film I was just waiting for the reveals to happen. That said there are some flourishes of genius and the asylum itself has its own on screen presence that threatens to dominate. But the film falls down in certain areas, the use of music is oddly bombastic and often distracts from the mood its trying to create; the dream sequences are very jarring and seem a little out of place and the film does lose some of its pacing towards the end. But I wasn’t bored, it kept me entertained, it just wasn’t as amazing as I was expecting. So the question is am I expecting too much from Marty or can he just not deliver anymore?

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