Exit Through the Gift Shop

It would be hard to talk about ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ without giving too much away but lets just say what starts off as a documentary about someone making a documentary about street art finishes somewhere entirely different than you could ever expect. You know when a story is so amazing that people wouldn’t believe you if you made it up, well this is one of those. Made by and staring British art prankster Banksy (don’t get excited his identity remains a secret) it is actually about Thierry Guetta who in Banksy’s words is ‘far more interesting’ than himself. Thierry, a shop owner, becomes obsessed with street art and already being an avid cameraman decides to combine the two, he befriends local artists and armed with his trusty camcorder ventures into the night to capture the creation of illegal art. But what starts off small suddenly grows into something altogether bigger and Thierry becomes obsessed with uncovering the one street artist whose identity was a closely guarded mystery ‘Banksy’. From this point the whole story gets flipped around again and through clips, talking heads and newsreels we are taken on a fantastical journey whose ending is as much a surprise to Banksy as it is to us the audience. Bold, inspiring, funny and weird this film totally engages the audience from the go get and doesn’t let up. It will change the way you view street art and those that make it as well as revealing to you some of the methods behind the sprayed madness. Anyone with even a passing interest will find this film fascinating so stencil it in your diaries.

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