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It’s the sales! Yay. You’ve got no money after buying out Asda for Christmas, but hey the shops are filled with things you would never want or buy anyway but cheaper than usual. So what do we do? We go … Continue reading

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All we are saying is give geeks a chance.

This goes out to all the really attractive girls out there, you know who you are, you’re pretty and you know it. All those girls who go out with meatheads, guys who look like rugby players but wear pink shirts … Continue reading

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Its that time of year again when every morning you feel awful, your stomach aches, your head throbs, your throat is sore and your tongue feels like a loose flap of rancid pig skin. No I’m not talking hangover I’m … Continue reading

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king Kong.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this film except it’s absolutely amazing in everyway. The greatest trick the director has pulled off is a bit like ‘oblivion’ at Alton Towers. The ride holds you for a few seconds … Continue reading

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SATURDAY NIGHT On nights like this I hate the streets. I hate the streets of my own town, my home. Some nights are worse than others. Some are serine and peaceful no one bothers me and I just get on … Continue reading

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I think I worked something out today. Why you see really fit girls with ugly blokes, why people stay with people who beat them up and why people stay with people who cheat on them. It’s because its better to … Continue reading

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I have but two words to share with you lovely people bah humbug shit sweet great sentiment. So here it is merry f#ckin Christmas. Every year the same except it starts earlier, so eventually we will come full circle and … Continue reading

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