Cold cold blues.

I need to become a method actor. You know like when they really research a role and become whatever it is they are portraying. I need to find the motivation of an Eskimo. I say this because just lately as soon as I wake and the tip of my nose acts as a fleshy thermometer and I glance over to the condensation forming on my window in front of a backdrop of miserable grey skies means I just do not want to get out of bed. To me this is almost impossible, not a challenge like a hard sum is to Einstein, but almost impossible like world peace or walking on the face of the sun (which ironically would be a little too warm). I need to get in the mindset of someone that lives in an extreme environment and figure just what it is that makes them want to get up in sub-zero temperatures. In Russia it might be the thought of a nip of vodka or ten but as I’m getting up for work that’s out, similarly for Eskimos it might be the thought of catching the first fish of the day but being vegetarian that’s also a no no (oh yeah and I’m landlocked). So how can I persuade my mind and body that fresh is best, what’s my motivation to suddenly subject my body to shock and cold and an all over covering of Goosebumps, put simply how do I get up? Maybe its time to invest in an electric blanket on timer and teas maid with tons of fresh coffee waiting for me as I crowbar open my weary eyes or maybe I need a warmer house or better still a move to somewhere hotter. Yeah six months in Spain from August to February, actually strike that maybe I should just move abroad permanently, anything to be warmer in the mornings. If my depression wasn’t the everyday sort it would definitely be the seasonally adjusted kind.

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