The Shallows

The Shallows is as everyone will know a shark film, it has some good ideas and a few good scenes I just wish it had been directed by someone else, what could have been great sadly falls flat due to its Disney does Jaws approach. Firstly there’s the rose tinted photo and text overlays, the watch that appears in the corner just makes it look like cheap daytime TV. Then there’s the seagull that becomes Nancy’s pal, stuck with her due to a fractured wing, but handy to chat to not unlike Tom Hanks basketball ‘Wilson’ in Castaway, she names it Steven Seagull. But the cardinal sin committed in this film is the unnecessary, unrelenting and overused slow motion, if these scenes were at normal speed this film would have been at least half an hour shorter. Blake Lively does her best as the damsel in distress but there’s little in the way of a script so it’s down to the filmmakers to create an atmosphere and tension which they achieve in part. As the second lead in this film the shark should have had more character but just ends up as generic shark number 1. Not so much cat and mouse as animated shark verses less animated actress, ultimately The Shallows is a bit of a disappointing wash out.



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