Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt might the only film I’ve seen that contains no real acting (acting like you don’t want to be there doesn’t count, not mentioning any names but I’m looking at you Rush). Form the outset everyone hams their way through, jumping from set piece to set piece in a movie that never really knows who it is aimed at. There are points when I’m thinking well this is aimed at kid’s right? Until a bit of bad language and a dirty joke, it can’t be aimed at adults can it? What grown-up would sit through this poor Game of Thrones knock off CGI-fest? (I don’t count I’m writing a review) Based loosely on mythology the story is a simple feud for power between the gods who rule the lands ‘Action Man’ and ‘Jamie Lannister’ who enlists the help of a young Michael Bolton to get back his stolen eyes back while fighting beasties, robot birds and a cloud monster (don’t ask). I enjoyed some of the monsters but the console games I’m currently playing have more believable graphics and this film will almost certain date and then be forgotten. File next to Clash of the Titans or the bin marked piss poor swords and sandals epics of which I’m sure, unfortunately, this won’t be the last.


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