Duncan Jones’ first film Moon had some of the most impressive models I’ve seen in a low budget title and it seems like quite a leap to move to a production which I reckon is 84% CGI and an astronomical amount of money involved. But here we have Warcraft, a fantasy epic that while impressing with its style and effects lost me completely in its characters and story. For once there was one (a story) but as this was my first foray into this world the place names, people and magic had me scratching my head, I wonder if it was any clearer for people who have played the game? In amongst the ambitious battles and sweeping aerial shots over vast cities there is still some subtle and clever camera work. Music, acting and direction are all great and I was intrigued to see it through to the end even though it was all a bit over my head. Go and see it for the spectacle and the fantasy and the Orcs but don’t expect to come out any the wiser than when you went in.



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