Films done in one take (or supposedly in one take) is nothing new, we have Oscar winner Birdman and famously Hitchcock’s Rope, now there’s another to add to the list in the form of ‘Victoria’. This two and a half hour handheld film from Germany is tense, claustrophobic and almost Dogme like in its execution. From the start you get a real sense that things are not going to go well for our namesake and central character a trait that runs throughout the duration, which is what makes this such a good thriller, you just never know what is coming next. Shot in Berlin we follow Victoria as she prepares to end her night only to find it has only just begun, this lost Spanish girl gets out of her depth when she is coerced by a group of local lads into continuing her night in their company. What follows is a spiral of events that threaten to change everyone involved and keep the viewer on a knifes edge. I don’t want to give too much away as part of the stressful fun of the film is the way your nerves unravel along with the action as the close up camera work keeps you right in the middle of the story. With a standout performance from Laia Costa and a cast of many all hitting their marks in the city ‘Victoria’ is a film you won’t forget in a hurry.


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