Knight of Cups

Right let’s get one thing out of the way, Knight of Cups is shot beautifully, the cinematography, the locations, the lighting all superb everything else I’m afraid is a different matter. Malick’s latest, and I’m a fan of his work, is perhaps his worst output to date, it’s the ultimate in white people whinging. Imagine the Sean Penn bits from ‘Tree of Life’ stretched out to nearly two hours but with Penn played by a melancholy Batman, perhaps because he’s swapped his cool car for a bad moustache and appears to spend most of the time bemused as to where his shoes have gone. He mumbles his way through the film spouting more pretentious nonsense than a broken tap while attending one party after the other. He looks miserable by the pool, he looks deep in thought covered in models, he looks like he’s trying to hold in a tiny fart while contemplating the works of some of the finest philosophers of our time, as some would say it’s a hard life. Malick’s style is also now so predictable that you can play the ‘what shot comes next’ game. Bale on a beach looking at the sky followed by grass blowing in the breeze followed by a street full of time-lapse traffic at night so next has to be a solitary cactus in a desert right? Damn jellyfish under a black light, so close. I’m sure there are messages somewhere in the text but it is more jumbled than the sick that would come out of Christopher Nolan’s mouth after eating a rotten thesaurus. Oh yeah and apparently it has something to do with tarot cards? But I, like most of the cast, am none the wiser.



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