Anomalisa is another trip into the fabulously wonderful mind of Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine, Being John Malkovich) and while he doesn’t always hit (Synecdoche New York) you can’t say his work isn’t interesting. Anomalisa is one of those films that will polarize people, some will find it head scratchingly boring and others will be charmed by its tale of human identity told entirely by stop motion puppets. David, voiced by Thewlis, is on tour promoting his book about wellbeing but the irony is all is not well with him. Told through a series of hotel based situations he is spiralling until he meets Lisa and things change. The film asks a lot of metaphorical questions like why are the corridors so long? Why does everyone (apart from the leads) have the same voice? What is going on with David’s face? Kaufman once again weaves what on the surface is a simple romance/morality tale into something much more and with that in mind this is another that will I’m sure require multiple viewings.

On a side note it also contains one of the funniest jokes of the year at the beginning.



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