The Survivalist

The survivalist is different in that it is set in a world gone to shit but unlike other post-apocalyptic films it is set in a lush green wood. In a shack in this wood lives our ‘survivalist’ foraging off the land as best he can and burning each night his slowly dwindling belongings and reminders of the past. Every night he fortifies his shack and sleeps with one eye open should anyone come and try to steal his things or worse. Everything is fine until mother and daughter show up asking to share in his harvest, first they offer seeds and eventually sex and a strange family unit is formed one that has palatable mistrust on all sides. There is no music and hardly any dialogue adding to the fear and tension created by the situations. The Survivalist offers no explanations or answers but instead shows you a snap shot of life where food and water are worth more than gold and the lengths people will go to collect and protect just that, it’s a cruel and unforgiving world and as one character says ‘no one who lives in it is without blood on their hands’.


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