Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

Mark Kozalek hasn’t been far from the music press headlines in recent years for various reasons and yet despite all the stories is still producing excellent records. That said you either like them or not his distinctive style of sung/spoken ramblings are an acquired taste. Here he has collaborated with British experimental artist Jesu under his Sun Kil Moon moniker and produced another record full of humour, wit, pathos and musings. Over swirls of electric guitar Mark talks about parents outliving their children with main reference to Nick Cave’s recent loss, he reads a letter from a fan that in places makes him laugh in a way that you only could if reading it for the first time. He references, as he has done before, boxing, pop culture, family members, death and at one point has a brilliantly cutting lyric aimed at hipster vinyl collectors. As with his previous albums with James Lavelle and DesertShore the music here is perfect for him to lay his baritone tales on, it has a presence without ever getting in the way. It probably won’t get him any new fans, but I suspect he wouldn’t care, but if you already worship at the church of Kozalek then this is another fine chapter in his good book.



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