The Revenant

Based on a true story Inarritu’s ‘The Revenant’ won’t be to everyone’s taste, Birdman this isn’t. Regardless of whether you have heard the stories of the grueling shoot it matters not as you can see the conditions through the actors and environments practically and painfully oozing out of the screen. A simple tale of revenge is masterfully brought to life across the two and bit hours, a new form of camera allowing you to see some of the most impressive shots you will have ever seen on a big screen without the use of CGI. Bloody and brutal while at the same time mesmerizing and poetic it evokes memories of Malick’s The New World but what really sets it apart are the performances of the two leads, DiCaprio and Hardy, surely both a shoe in for the Oscars (actor and supporting) when the time comes. I don’t want to give too much away but this is already one of my films of the year, a hark back to when films were made on location, with people who can act, with a great script and score and a director who can pull it all together. I literally couldn’t find fault with this film and I will never look at bears the same way again.



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  1. Great review! It’s always so interesting to read different people’s takes/opinions on it. Feel free to check out my review, and let me know what you think?

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