Red Hot World Buffet

I know I’m a kid trapped inside the body of a man I accept it and I’ve come to terms with it a long time ago. I had to get that out the way and explain to you that I’m a grown man who regularly eats hundreds and thousands sandwiches, maltesers on toast, giant Yorkshires filled with mushy peas and even skittles wrapped in a slice of leerdammer cheese. This is all leading up to the revelation that I love the Red Hot World Buffet, it is fast becoming my favourite restaurant in the world, why I hear you ask? Well I’m glad you did because I’m going to tell you. Basically it’s a little bit of what you want, Chinese, British, Italian, Indian and more where else could I eat pizza, Yorkshire puddings and Brussels on the same plate? Yes I get weird looks from folk who don’t understand the pleasures of mixing and matching flavours from around the world of tastes but I don’t care. I get my table grab my plate and I’m away into a world of Cajun chips, noodles, onion bhajj’is and traditional Sunday roasts and with table service drinks I feel like a king, a king who eats weird shit but a king none the less. I stuff myself with all sorts of pleasures of the mouth and I keep going back for more because it’s great. Go to Red Hot World Buffet and indulge your inner child I’ll be the guy sat alone with bubble gum flavoured ice cream and chips and proud of my culinary choices.


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