David Gordon Green gave us ‘Pineapple Express’ but he also graced us with ‘Prince Avalanche’ and let’s not forget he got Cage back to his best in ‘Joe’. So can he do the same for Al Pacino, in a role specifically written for him, well yes and no. For anyone who has winced at Pacino’s career of late I will say that this is one of his better roles but he essentially playing himself, a locksmith called Manglehorn who can’t escape his past which won’t allow him to live in the present. He spends his days with keys and his night with his cat Fanny and a whole heap of unhealthy memories. Friday he religiously goes to the bank where he meets Dawn (played brilliantly by Holly Hunter)and they start a strange friendship but will it be enough to pull Manglehorn into the now? The story is simple enough and has some truly great moments but there are also a few weird dream sequences that I’m not sure worked as well as they could. The cinematography is great and along with the soundtrack, acting and direction the story of Manglehorn is watchable if not a little long and quite slow paced. Expect a few laughs but it’s really a more sombre affair about ageing, memories and living and one that will make you think about life, love and mortality. So ‘Pineapple Express’ it isn’t you have been warned.


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