Florence + The Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

I’m a little hit and miss with Florence Weich (and her machine) I loved the first album, thought the second was ok but hated all the ‘You’ve Got The Love’ covers, mixes and Dizzy collaborations. But here on her third studio album Florence appears to have gone back to what makes her good and also grown her sound. That said she is definitely aiming for the Kate Bush market with sweeping songs, any of which could be a potential single from opener ‘Ship to Wreck’ right through to ‘Mother’. Mostly each composition is built around her voice which firmly takes centre stage often backed by herself to brilliant effect. Reverbed pianos, full on strings and trumpets are present and more than once the layered chorus is used, by which I mean instruments are added on every repeated chorus creating a crescendo of sorts. With nods to The Eurythmics and Joni Mitchell along the way the album manages to be intimate at times but full of big moments when it needs to be. ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ is a solid third album and one that should see the singer finally break the American market and cement her reputation on home shores.


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