Avengers – Age of Ultron

The almost unimaginable task that was placed at Joss Whedon’s feet was to follow up on the expectations created by his already superb superhero ensemble Avengers but if anyone can do it its Whedon right? Right, Age of Ultron is the first films darker brother still peppered with the wit you have come to expect but a different beast and one that may require more than one watch to fully get to grips with all the characters and plotlines. Once again I am startled by the expert casting everyone is perfect and taking to their respective roles like a ducks to water. There’s the human nature side to the story but honestly it all about the action and that’s what we have come for, we want to see the Cap and Thor combine each other’s weapons in a fight and of course we want to see Hulk smash. Whedon directs the set pieces with operatic flare and with so much going on it could be a mess but it flows nicely and everyone gets their moment to shine, the effects look seamless and the sound hits you like, well, a Hulk. There are laugh out loud moments, something for the fanboys and plenty of super action as our team travel the world trying to thwart Ultron and his robot army, it hits the ground running and doesn’t really stop. My only criticism is the film as a whole doesn’t have the rhythm of the first one but I suspect it’s been edited in places to make it hit the snappy two hour mark and it will be interesting to see if a director’s cut comes to blu-ray. Always the sign of a great, engaging film is if you don’t notice the time and when it finally finished after the spectacular ending I realised that for the first time in ages I had actually really enjoyed everything I’d seen.


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