White God

White God is a film I would encourage lovers of cinema to see because it is a challenging breath of fresh air, if I’m honest it doesn’t always work but when it does it is stunning. On the surface you have a story about a girl and her dog and the spiral of events that occur after she is forced to abandon it but deeper under the skin it is about separatism and Hungarian politics during democratic rule, the way the people are treated is the way the humans ‘white gods’ treat the dogs until eventually the dogs revolt. The star of the show is Hagen a crossbreed that has more acting chops (excuse the pun) than most of his human counterparts, I’m looking at you Worthington and although it isn’t hard he has more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart, no wonder he won a best actor on four legs award. The film itself is unsure of what it is, it starts as a drama before turning into Irvine Welsh does ‘The Incredible Journey’ before turning into a ‘Birds’ type horror. It’s not ‘A Serbian Film’ but it’s also not for the fainted hearted as there is plenty of cruelty and blood. The obvious scene stealers are the 100s of dogs used in the streets and with no CGI in sight it’s quite the visual spectacle (I am also informed that after the film the crew found homes for as many of the dogs as possible). Most of the other plotlines are in the shadow of the dogs and so never really come to fruition and the whole thing is let down by a terrible and predictable end but that said it takes challenges other films dare not do and for that alone it is worth watching.


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