The Charlatans – Modern Nature’

The Charlatans are a band with a crazy past including armed robberies and death but they have never let it get in the way of making good music as ‘Modern Nature’ their 12th studio album proves. Single and album opener ‘Talking in Tones’ sets the mood with hints of their earliest work as layered percussion gives way to classic Hammond and picked guitar. ‘So Oh’, ‘Emilie’ and ‘Lean In’ all follow similar routes adding in bits of seventies psychedelia and funk. ‘Come Home Baby’ is North Country Boy-era and ‘Let The Good Times Be Never Ending’ channels a little Sproston Green. ‘I Need You To Know’ features some filmic strings and Kate Bush’s backing singers Melanie Marshall and Sandra Marvin add vocals to Tim’s which are as strong as ever. Mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Portishead) the band have said they wanted to create songs that made them happy and they have certainly achieved that with a summery vibe throughout. ‘Modern Nature’ sees the band sounding fresh after all the setbacks but with one toe tapping foot clearly in the nostalgic past.


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