Indiana – No Romeo

It must be hard to raise a family and manage to put out such an assured debut album but that is what Nottingham’s Indiana has done with ‘No Romeo’. From the opening track ‘Never Born’ we get hints of Lamb and Kate Bush and by the time we reach ‘Mess Around’ Indiana has proved she can cut it with the big girls with the Umbrella-esque ‘Shadow Flash’, the menacing Radio1 play listed ‘Solo Dancing’, the dark and broody ‘Blind As I Am’ and the lighter Cyndi Lauper alike ‘Only The Lonely’. The constant throughout however is her voice, used as another instrument it ranges from the barely there to full on and back again and over the course of her career development she has fully mastered its potential. Synths, strings, piano and guitar stabs lay over the beats and I am reminded of Tricky at his most laid back. Oddly I find the title track here the weakest as it verges towards a shiny pop sensibility that the rest of the album cunningly avoids and with this in mind I would urge you get the special addition as among the extras you get ‘Swim Good’ a track which wouldn’t be out of place on either of Lana Del Rey’s albums and in my opinion her best song ‘Smoking Gun’ (which I’m surprised is an extra and not on the album proper). Either way the listener is treated to a record that has enough familiarity to draw you in and then keeps you there with its innovation and song writing and of course the personality and voice of the girl herself.

Twitter: @Indianathegirl



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