The trailer for Whiplash does it no justice, I watched it and despite being a drummer I had no inclination to watch the film, so I’m glad I ignored the trailer and watched it anyway because the film itself is great. With two standout performances from young John Cusack-a-like Miles Teller as Andrew and J.K.Simmons as his ferocious teacher Fletcher it is a tale of ambition, determination and jazz. It’s always a good sign when a film is nearly two hours and yet for ages I was telling everyone it was about an hour and a half because the pacing is so well done, it runs at breakneck speed from start to finish, and just like Andrews character don’t expect any let up. The music is well chosen so even if you’re not really into jazz you can still enjoy it and as well as being punishing it is also funny. Simmons owns the role like a super cool angry tortoise berating his students with unorthodox teaching methods in an aim to get them realise their full potential, something that ultimately backfires. It’s probably a story we have all seen before, the mentor, the kid done good, the success in the face of adversity but regardless of the familiarity here it is given a makeover by the actors and the direction and editing that has you on the edge of your seat. No effects, no CGI, a real story and some superb drumming make Whiplash a must see movie.



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