The moment the credits bounce onto the screen to the sound of abstract jazz drums you know that you are about to watch something special. This is before you see the standout performances from everyone, the biting satire of the Hollywood system (a reason most signed on I believe) the seemingly one take of the whole performance (it’s not of course but I dare you to play spot the cut) the humour (How do you know mike…(I won’t spoil it here)) and the resurrection of Keaton. Alejandro González Iñárritu and his co-writers have created a masterpiece of cinema, a film that once seen needs to be seen again as soon as possible because there is so much contained in its two hour runtime that one viewing is just not enough. The ideas of art verses commerce, the youtube generation of audiences fed on the blockbuster against the starving indie pic, Icarus and spiting your nose, the excellent speech Emma Stone gives to her father explaining why he is nothing, being caught in the street with your pants down (quite literally). It’s brutal, honest, funny and heart-breaking all at the same time but the best thing about the film is the way it engages the audience without pandering to it needs, it poses questions and asks you to think about them, it suggests without enforcing and all the while it still manages to be highly entertaining. In the hands of any other director this could have missed the mark and been a complete mess in the hands of Iñárritu and his team you have one of the films of the year if not the decade.


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