TV on the Radio – Seeds

There is something other worldly about the music of Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio on the one hand it feels like indie-rock but dig deeper and its layered with everything from electronica to jazz and classical elements making them a band that sound like no other. ‘Seeds’ is the fifth album and the first since the death of their bass player Gerard Smith, an event that while clearly rocking the band hasn’t affected the great music they produce. Lead single ‘Happy Idiot’ is a perfect pop song catchy, simple and short and the first sing-a-long chorus that presented itself from the record ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you, yeah, Ignorance is bliss, I’m a happy idiot, Waving at cars, I’m gonna bang my head to the wall,’ Till I feel like nothing at all, I’m a happy idiot, To keep my mind off you’. From opener ‘Quartz’ through to the subtle ‘Test Pilot’ and the heart-breaking ‘Trouble’ (‘Everything’s gonna be okay, Oh, I keep telling myself, Don’t worry, be happy, Oh, you keep telling yourself, Everything’s gonna be okay’) the album, produced by guitarist Dave Sitek it’s a record that just keeps on giving the more time you spend with it and each time a different track leaps out at me as my favourite of that particular listen. If you’re a fan then this is another 12 great songs to add to your collection and if you’re not then this might just be the record to get you into a band that as yet hasn’t made a bad album.


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