Damien Rice – My Favourite Faded Fantasy

After two brilliant albums Rice moved to Tuscany to become a farmer, in his own words ‘Sometimes, then, you have to step away from what you love, in order to learn how to love it again’ and so now eight years later he returns with ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy ‘. Produced by Rick Rubin these eight tracks are, in my opinion, his best and although not as instantly as accessible as his first two albums each composition opens up and grows with repeat listens. Rice has a knack for the crescendo and tracks ebb and flow from simple picked acoustic guitar and sparse piano parts to full on strings, brass and choir. On ‘It Takes A Lot To Know A Man’ Rice layers his own voice several times to great affect and elsewhere female vocals play off his harmonies or take front stage themselves. Lyrically he is brilliantly self-deprecating like on lead single ‘The Greatest Bastard’ ‘I helped you open out your wings, your legs, and many other things, Didn’t I?’ and he sure knows how to pull the emotional strings like the opening title track ‘You could be my favourite taste, To touch my tongue, I know someone who could serve me love, But it wouldn’t fill me up’. After the fifty or so minutes I am moved and destroyed and enlightened and empathetic and all sorts of other emotions that this record had made me feel but no matter how beautifully dark it gets I am drawn back to its light time and time again to the point where I’m going to have to force myself to stop listening for fear of overplaying it. It is that good but be prepared to live with it a while and let it under your skin to fully appreciate it to its full extent.


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