Robert Plant – lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar

What can I tell you about the new Robert Plant album, well it’s amazing, like a weird mix of Tinariwen, Zepplin (of course) and Depeche Mode if they weren’t electronic but more acoustic. Across its eleven tracks you will be treated to bits that sound like Bowie and Bjork and even Deep Forest, his backing band The Sensational Space Shifters, managing to output a mix of African trance and tribal beats with modern day sensibilities. It’s a heady mix, with Plant alternating between his gruff whisper and an ethereal falsetto while the band play their rhythmic grooves. Tempos vary but there is always a relentless pacing that all the instrumentation hangs off, drums and banjos mix with more exotic instruments like bendirs and djembe and there is always something exciting going on which is one of the reasons I can’t stop playing this record. Tracks like ‘Embrace Another Fall’ with its brilliant distorted guitar and ‘Pocketful of Golden’ with its catchy breathed vocal are highlights but there really isn’t a weak track on here, the whole album is a kaleidoscope of sound. At 66 years old Plant is still making exception music that put most of his younger contemporaries to shame and for that alone you should give this record a go.


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