Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For

Did you like Sin City? Then chances are you will like Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For because, well really it’s more of the same. Back are some of the old characters like Nancy, Marv and Gail, there are new ones like Johnny (written specially for the film) and a few small cameos including a ghostly Bruce Willis and Christopher Lloyd. Nearly 10 years after the original film the name of the game is to bring Frank Miller’s graphic novels about a corrupt city to the big screen and just like the original this sequel is beautiful to look at even if the script isn’t as strong. There are four stories on offer here and three come before the first film making the timeline a tad hard to follow at times and also creating a huge plot hole (probably only spottable if you have read the novel) , it also doesn’t help that the film contains two of the same characters but played by different actors. But that aside let’s not forget what we are watching here, this isn’t supposed to be highbrow, its pulp noir, comic book violence, mobsters, dames and guns and you get plenty of it all. If ever you have wanted to see more of Eva Green then this is your film as she spends most of it completely naked swathed in various shadows and light while her eyes positively glow green and if you can take your eyes of her body for long enough you will realise that she, once again, steals the show with her portrayal of the femme fatale. Elsewhere Marv (Rourke) pounds people for fun while always keeping one eye on Nancy (Alba) and Dwight’s (Brolin) story unfolds in a way that brings back some of old towns familiar faces while setting up some for maybe another outing?. Retro meets sleek in this visual eye-catching slice of uber violence and while films like Guardian of the Galaxy are aimed at the younger audience it’s nice to see that Sin City 2 is definitely for the adult comic nerd in us all.




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