Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animals

Parquet Courts hail from Brooklyn and make scuzzy garage rock in the same vein as the Strokes although that’s a lazy comparison. A better one would be to say that their music exists somewhere between The Modern Lovers and last year’s Future of the Left album ‘How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident’ taking in along the way The Ramones, Wire and Pavement. They have a knack of writing infectious hooks with beautifully weird lyrics, some are like quick gut punches of pop-punk others meander on shiny surfy guitar licks like ‘Instant disassembly’ or the free jam style of ‘She’s rolling’. Title track ‘Sunbathing Animals’ is sung from the perspective of the lead singer’s cat while frenzied guitars wail in the background. ‘Bodies Made Of’ sounds like the first punk poem a sort of grown up slugs and snails and ‘Black and White’ is another great slab of fuzz-punk. On first listen the album would seem to not have the coherency of ‘Light up Gold’ but there’s method in the madness and repeat spins will reward the listener and the underlying brilliance will come to the forefront. Don’t dismiss ‘Sunbathing Animals’ because if you do you will miss a record by a band that are surely on track to pinch the crown right of the Strokes Head.


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