Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

I’m sure that Damon Albarn needs no introduction to most after all his various project have included Blur and The Gorillaz but ‘Everyday Robots’ sees him break out on his own with a collection of his most personal songs to date. The opening title track sets the mood as Damon sings ‘We are everyday robots on our phones’ over minimal beats, clicks and slight instrumentation a theme, that apart from the upbeat ‘Mr.Tembo’ with its jaunty Ukulele and choir, is apparent throughout. The hauntingly beautiful ‘Lonely Press Play’ and ‘Photographs (You Are Taking Now)’ are eerily sparse affairs driven by piano with distant beats made up of whirls and clacks. With ‘Parakeet’ and ‘Seven High’ just bridging pieces the album consists of ten full tracks with not a bad one among them and there are brief appearances from Brian Eno and Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes). Regardless of what others have said I think the style mixes his soul and gospel influences with a sound not that distant from the mellower side of Portishead or early Tricky all capped off with his unique voice. So whichever side of Albarn’s output you like you can’t deny that he has never stopped putting out great music in all different genres and ‘Everyday Robots’ is just another fine example.


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