Blue Ruin

Jeremy Saulnier should be a happy man right now as not only was he writer, cinematographer and director on ‘Blue Ruin’ a striking twist on the revenge genre but he also is now being linked to HBO series ‘True Detective’ and if you have seen both you will understand why and if Blue Ruin is anything to go by I hope he gets the gig. Clearly not the biggest budget film and a master stroke casting his best friend Macon Blair as lead man Dwight the movie takes an idea that has been done so many times and puts a slight spin on it which means there is a great story here to go along with the tension and stunning visuals. From the opening scenes with Dwight apparently a homeless, dishevelled tramp right up to the shocking conclusion the film grips you with washed out colour palette, tight script, dark humour and violence (there are a few scenes you may have to look away from if you are of a nervous disposition). Seemingly each factor of the film has in some way been seen in previous movies but Saulnier manages to orchestrate each differently giving the film a fresh feel as well as a sometime homage to past greats, which is why many are comparing it to the early work of the Coen brothers. High praise indeed but well deserved and well worth a watch if you like your thrillers to be intelligent as well as challenging and visceral.


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