Afghan Whigs – Do To The Beast

First it was the Pixies now after a fifteen year hiatus we are treated to the return of the mighty Afghan Whigs. The Greg Dulli lead combo released a series of albums that just bettered themselves and accumulated with the classic and highly underrated ‘1965’ now with ‘Do To The Beast’ they are back, bigger and bolder and ready to show everyone just how it’s done. From the chuggy guitar on ‘Matamoros’ to the heart-breaking piano driven ‘It Kills’ to the dense overlays of ‘The Lottery’ there is no denying that this is a classic Whigs album. Dulli’s vocal is on fine form and the lyrics range from the barbed to the beautiful. Musically they sound fresh while still retaining their unique style and with piano and strings joining the traditional line of bass, guitar and drums they prove that they have a real knack for a hook. Rock nestles alongside soul and ferocious guitars sit side by side with mellower moments making an album that doesn’t always follow convention but is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. Time will tell if this record will be enough to garner any newer younger fans but it should certainly please any existing fans as it ticks all the right boxes.


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