Pixies – Indy Cindy

It’s been over twenty years since the last album from the Pixies so it was quite a surprise when they released E.P. 1 in 2013, it even came as a bit of a surprise when it was followed by E.P. 2 but when news of a third hit, that would join the first two as an album proper, then fans began to get really excited and so ‘Indy Cindy’ was born, twelve new Pixies songs recorded in secret with the original line up. Listening to the songs in groups of four I wasn’t convinced by all of them but now they are collated I can honestly say I’ve been a fool, there is not a bad one among them, it is in effect pure Pixies. Scuzzy guitars, catchy choruses, bits sung in another language, lyrics that will have you puzzling over the meanings, harmonies it’s all here and it’s all what you would expect. Opening with the ferocious ‘What Goes Boom’ the album takes in many styles along the way but always sounds unmistakably like the band, from the infectious ‘Greens and Blues’ to mellower title track ‘Indy Cindy’ back into the fuzz and shouting of ‘Bagboy’ before chilling again for a few track before unleashing ‘Blue Eyed Hexe’ and you are only just over halfway. Not content with using the Loud quiet loud method, that titled the reunion documentary, in the songs they have used it on the track listing. But for a band that have had such an immense gap between records it shouldn’t sound this great, it feels like it picks up right from where they left off and yet doesn’t sound dated. So then a brilliant addition to a small catalogue that once again reminds us just what a great band the Pixies are. Their greatest hits was called ‘Death to the Pixies’ well I say long may they live if they are going to give us albums like this.


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