The Grand Budapest Hotel

There are few and far between directors who have such a unique style that shown a portion of any of their films you could instantly name them, one such working today is Wes Anderson. Anderson debuted with ‘Bottle Rocket’ but it was really ‘Rushmore’ and the excellent star studded ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ that cemented his reputation and started to form his trademark quirky flair. So to his latest ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ an old fashioned romp in a fictional world that boasts a whole host of characters and situations you’d have come to expect from an Anderson movie. The first thing to notice here quite early on is that this is Anderson back on form, perhaps not quite hitting the heights of ‘Tenenbaums’ or ‘Life Aquatic’ but not far off, secondly the setting are as much a star of the film as any of the actors, at times the attention to detail in the background of almost every shot probably warrants another watch just to take it all in, each element a part of the overall puzzle from objects to colour palette. Then to the cast that contains, if all too briefly, Wilson, Law, Amalric, Dafoe, Brody, Murray, Keitel, Norton, Goldblum, Schwartzman, Swinton, Wilkinson, Ronan and Seydoux but despite this plethora of talent this is definitely Fiennes film, from the moment he is introduced he is mesmerising and for a man we are so used to seeing playing serious roles his comedy timing is impeccable. In particular he delivers one line; I won’t spoil it that had me giggling longer than it should. It is also worth mentioning Tony Revolori who plays Zero, the Wise to Fiennes Morecambe, aiding in delivering punchlines and also adding a few of his own. With a story as strange as it is entertaining it allows the director and cast to really have some fun with it and it shows drawing the viewer in to the weird and rewarding world of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.


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